How to install the latest SPO PowerShell Module

Summary It’s a good practice to ensure the latest version of the SharePoint Online Module is installed, because it’s constantly being updated with new and improved features. I’m just sharing a quick PowerShell script that ensures the latest SharePoint online PowerShell module is installed. There 2 different ways to install this module. Download and install […]

Unable to add Server to Farm "Error during decryption"

Issue Description As a SharePoint Administrator, you may need to remove a server from an existing Farm, then add it back to fix minor inconsistencies with the server. When adding the server back to the Farm, you are required to enter the current Farm Passphrase. If the current Passphrase is not known, you would logically […]

Configure SharePoint APPs from PowerShell

Summary This blogs details how to completely configure a SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Farm to use SharePoint Apps from PowerShell. When necessary, I will show the equivalent GUI steps. Note: Many of these steps apply to all version of SharePoint Server except for the certificate creation steps. Steps 1. Configure DNS with a zone and […]

SharePoint Population Script V2

Summary This is my 2nd version of SharePoint Population Script with a few minor changes. Removed the Hosts file and host header creation to simplify the process. The new script will only create a single DB. A new Web Application using the server host name over a different port is now allowed. A Modern Team […]

Install BGINFO on Multiple Servers

Summary This blog details how to install and configure BGINFO to start on multiple servers. What is BGINFO? BGINFO stands for “Background Information”. This program will allow users to display computer details on the desktop wallpaper. This is very handy when working with multiple virtual servers that all have the same default background. Example: Get […]