Install BGINFO on Multiple Servers


This blog details how to install and configure BGINFO to start on multiple servers.

What is BGINFO?

BGINFO stands for “Background Information”. This program will allow users to display computer details on the desktop wallpaper. This is very handy when working with multiple virtual servers that all have the same default background.


BgInfo screenshot

Get the file here: BgInfo – Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs

Configrue your desired settings

Start bginfo64.exe on your source server and configure your settings.

This can be many just about anything:

  • EnvroEnvironment Variables
  • Registry Values
  • WMI Queries
  • File Version Info
  • File Time Stamps
  • Content of a file
  • VB Scripts

Here is the one I’m using for example.

Save your desired settings with the “.bgi” extension in your source folder.

The script

The following script will do the following:

  1. Read a list of servers
  2. Create a “c:\install\bginfo” folder on all servers.
  3. Copy the content of C:\install\bginfo” from the source servers too all destination servers.
  4. Create a startupbginfo.cmd to the “Startup” group on all destination servers.

Source Files:

Startup File:


The end Result!

Every server in the “Servers.txt” file will your custom background after logging into the PC.

Here is mine:

I hope this was helpful!

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