Mike Lee

Unable to add Server to Farm "Error during decryption"

Issue Description As a SharePoint Administrator, you may need to remove a server from an existing Farm, then add it back to fix minor inconsistencies with the server. When adding the server back to the Farm, you are required to enter the current Farm Passphrase. If the current Passphrase is not known, you would logically […]

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition now supports Client Certificates for SMTP

Summary SharePoint Server Subscription Edition now supports client certificate authentication when interacting with SMTP servers to send e-mail. While this may be an uncommon scenario, this feature is vital for highly secure environments where password-based only security is not allowed.  To use this feature, you must install a SharePoint Certificate, using the new SSL Certificate […]

Configure SharePoint APPs from PowerShell

Summary This blogs details how to completely configure a SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Farm to use SharePoint Apps from PowerShell. When necessary, I will show the equivalent GUI steps. Note: Many of these steps apply to all version of SharePoint Server except for the certificate creation steps. Steps 1. Configure DNS with a zone and […]