December 2017

Outlook / Unable to view the body of plain text message inside Outlook

Symptom You may be unable to view the body of plain text message inside Outlook and find it does work in safe mode. Example: Cause This issue can be caused by a hidden option in “Signatures and Stationery” within the “Composing and reading plain text messages” section. If this is the case, your client may have non-default settings […]

Summary: The following PowerShell script was written for my post on configuring TLS between SharePoint and Exchange. However, since it was buried in process, I wanted to create a separate post just sharing the script, because it will be easier to maintain and use separately when needed. Why use a script anyway? I find this script […]

Configure TLS encryption between SharePoint on-premise and Exchange

Summary This blog will guide you through the steps required to configure, test and troubleshoot sending / receiving e-mail from SharePoint to Exchange using TLS encryption. Steps  (there are many, only because I have included many tips along the way) 1. Install SMTP and Telnet on the SharePoint App Server using server manager 2. Or with PowerShell […]