Unable to add Server to Farm "Error during decryption"

Issue Description As a SharePoint Administrator, you may need to remove a server from an existing Farm, then add it back to fix minor inconsistencies with the server. When adding the server back to the Farm, you are required to enter the current Farm Passphrase. If the current Passphrase is not known, you would logically […]

SharePoint Store Apps can not be added after installing the May 2021 CU

Problem Description After installing the May 2021 CU you will not be able to open or add new SharePoint Store apps, because the iframe from the appinv.aspx page is now blocked by default. This is an example of the error: Browser Error: Chrome-error://chromewebdata/:1 Refused to display ‘https://spaad.contoso.local/’ in a frame because it set multiple ‘X-Frame-Options’ […]

SharePoint / Unable to create new SharePoint Groups with the “SharePoint Directory Management Service”

Summary After configuring SharePoint with Incoming email and the SharePoint Directory Management Service” to create Distribution Lists in Active Directory, you are unable to create new groups with the following error. Sorry, something went wrong The following error has occurred while attempting to contact the Directory Management Service: The request failed with HTTP status 401: […]