SharePoint / Unable to create new SharePoint Groups with the “SharePoint Directory Management Service”

Summary After configuring SharePoint with Incoming email and the SharePoint Directory Management Service” to create Distribution Lists in Active Directory, you are unable to create new groups with the following error. Sorry, something went wrong The following error has occurred while attempting to contact the Directory Management Service: The request failed with HTTP status 401: […]

SharePoint Apps “You can’t add this app here” “From You Organization”

Summary Just a quick blog to discuss a misleading status message within SharePoint Apps “From You Organization“. Problem You may find that after installing a SharePoint App into your App Catalog, you are unable to install the app in your Site collection and the status will display “You can’t add this app here“. Cause This […]

SharePoint E-Mail enabled lists are not displayed in the Outlook Address List

Problem I recently worked on an issue where lists in SharePoint were enabled for incoming e-mail and created in Active Directory / Exchange using the “Directory Management Service. These new lists should be created as e-mail enabled contacts with an external e-mail target address in Exchange. However, after setting an e-mail address on a SharePoint […]

Summary It’s a best practice to test the compatibility of a migrated content database against the new target Farm before attaching the database and allowing users to access the migrated sites. This compatibly test is achieved by running Test-SPContentDatabase. Sounds too easy, right? Well, I recently worked on a case where “Test-SPContentDatabase” was reporting missing […]

SharePoint Site fails to load – with “Web Parts Maintenance Page” error

I recently worked on a case where SharePoint sites would not load after rebuilding the SharePoint Farm and utilizing an existing server. I’m blogging this issue is because the root cause and solution was very obscure, and the error presented on the site is totally misleading. If you came here because you are experiencing this […]