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Hello All,

Although I may be a new “MS Blogger”, I’m not new to Microsoft. I started supporting Microsoft products in 94, just before the”Win95″ release, which changed everything…what exciting times!

Back then, I supported Windows for Workgroups (WFW) and NT. WFW 3.11 included TCP/IP, which was awesome, because it could access the “World Wide Web” :).  I also supported DOS, Hardware (mice, keyboards, controllers and etc.), then eventually moved into supporting “e-mail”. Which was MSMail at the time, and ultimately became Exchange, and still going strong after about 25 years!

I started with Microsoft in 2000 as a Charlotte, NC based PSS Engineer, Supporting Exchange Foreign Connectors. After about 1 year, I had the opportunity to return to my hometown area and join the New England (Go Patriots!) “ROSS” (PFE) Team. As a “ROSS Engineer” I supported customers on just about everything Microsoft, but on-site, in a mostly reactive manner. It was very high pressure and a lot of travel, but I loved it!  After a couple years of “firefighting” in the field, I was “adopted” by one of my customers as their full-time DSE, where I supported their Messaging environment for almost seven years.

In 2010, I was thrilled to learn that CSS made its way into the Boston area, as result of the “Fast Search” acquisition and joined the Fast Search Support Team as a Senior Support Escalation Engineer. As Fast Search became fully integrated with SharePoint, I eventually jumped into supporting SharePoint.

While supporting SharePoint,  I learned many new things, like SQL, .Net and debugging.  After learning how to the product works, we broke into a specialty model and my focus area was “Admin”, which seemed to be a catch all for many support topics. However, with a passion for debugging, I quickly moved into the SharePoint performance team where we focused on…. well site performance and reliability. This included performance monitoring, user dump analysis and sometimes even code analysis. This is “tons of fun” in my opinion, which is probably why I really enjoyed working in that specialty.

With all that said, I recently made a slight change in focus. Now I’m currently working on the SharePoint Beta team and will support our TAP customers and Product Group while “kicking the tires” of our up-and-coming SharePoint 2019 release.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my work history and experience and getting to know me a little better. For this blog site, I am planning on converting many of my internal documents and cube notes into public friendly blog posts and create new posts as I experience new tricks and tips that are worthy of sharing.

Thanks again for visiting my blog site and I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find them useful.

-Mike Lee

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