Sharepoint Central Admin does not load correctly and top ribbon is grayed


Unable to fully load Central Admin on a newly built SharePoint Farm. In this case, the issue only occurs when compression is enabled (which is on by default). After loading Central Admin, the top ribbon in service application section is grayed out.

When this occurs, the only way for Central Admin to function properly was to turn off compression via the following entry in the CA web.config.


When compression was enabled, the page would load and the request to ScriptResource.axd would return a 404, causing the minified javascript to fail.


In this case, the actual problem was an access denied while attempting to load the GZip DLL.


This access denied was caused by a missing required “Replace a process level token” policy.


To resolve this issue the system GPO was modified to include the Application Pool Service Account inside the “Replace a process level token” policy.

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Replace a process level token

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